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Tampa 3D Printing. Bridging the Gap Between Engineers and Business Owners. Bringing your ideas from your head to your hands! Full end-to-end Product development. Art to Part. 

About 3D Musketeers

We are 3D Musketeers – a full service Art To Part, Tampa based, 3D Printing facility and consultancy specializing in the development of USA Made, custom, 3D Solutions for the Professional, Medical, and Manufacturing Verticals.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency by outsourcing the hard work to 3D Musketeers. Use that free time to grow your business!

Research and Development

Not everyone has the budget for a dedicated R&D Team.  With over 10 years of experience, let our Subject Matter Experts help you take your ideas and bring to life through R&D!

Adding Value

Businesses desire that competitive edge over their competition.  Whether it’s designing solutions to help attorneys win cases or manufacturers consolidate multiple parts, your success is our business model.


Let Our Experts Help Make You Money

We have built just the team you need, one to make your business more efficient, adding value to your business, and providing solutions to wow your customers. We will walk you through the process from start to finish to make sure your experience in this bleeding edge technology is one that is not only easy, but informative and enjoyable.


3D Printing

Make Anything, Make Awesome, with 3D Musketeers.  Save time and money with this cutting edge technology to take your ideas and data and bring them into the physical world to be used in a myriad of use cases from trade show models to end use products.  3D Printing is significantly faster than current modeling technologies and provides parts that can be handled, used, and even abused where their counterparts would simply fall apart or be too costly to let others handle. With the largest publicly available 3D Printer in the state topping
16 x 16 x 31 inches, 3D Musketeers can make parts for you at any scale.


Laser Cutting, CNC Milling

3D Printing is a wonderful technology, but if you want to make functional metal, wood, or acrylic parts you need very deep pockets, that is where Laser Cutting and CNC Milling come in.  These two technologies are provided as an alternative and a value added term to 3D Printing.  Capable of making strong, end use parts, of organic and metallic materials, both CNC Milling and Laser Cutting are a great choice for non organic shapes, object bases, logos, signs, and displays.  Extremely cost effective and fast, these two technologies are some of the most fun to watch, not only as they work, but as they are being ran to help your company make money.


Building escape rooms can be quite complicated because of the unique demands of creating puzzles that stand up to the test of time and allow players to interact with them.  3D Musketeers has helped us solve some truly unique problems and you can see their work on display in our escape rooms. Thanks to their creativity, we have been able to produce one of a kind puzzles that have helped our company earn the #3 spot in the nation.

Michael Linquist

Owner, Lead Designer and Builder, Imagine Escape Games

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