Making Awesome Podcast

Started on a whim, talking about all things awesome, it evolved into a podcast interviewing inventors, makers, and experts about what they love to do!

Our Goals and Vision

We get it, life is changing for everyone due to Covid-19 and many of us are just trying to survive, let alone thrive. We at The Making Awesome Podcast want to help YOU reach your goals. But to get there, we need to educate you first. You will see, the first few episodes are all about the Manufacturing industries, additive or subtractive. We believe that if you come prepared knowing the lingo, key features, etc. we can speak more freely with our audience rather than having to always explain it. Let us know if you like this format!


We help you navigate the troublesome tasks of designing, making, patenting, producing, selling, and even monetizing, because we care! 

Who Are We?

And more importantly why should I care? Well, we cannot tell you why to care, but chances are, if you found your way here, it is for a reason. So maybe give us a listen and hope for the best?

We are a couple of guys, who like to talk industry and decided, especially with how people are looking to consume media, and our stellar faces, made for radio, that we should record ourselves and share it with the world! We want to make educational, entertaining content by diversifying the subjects, guests, and settings!


Our Story

Driven by a desire to have more content surrounding the 3D Printing industry, a passion to educate, and a friendship that is built on a phenomenal working relationship, The Making Awesome Podcast was born. Some episodes are topic driven, others are rants, chatting, and just life topics. We believe we have something useful to share and also understand that as a new podcast, we need to be flexible. This is why we want to have others on the show to talk about their making, their troubles, and how we, as a community can assist one another. 


We hope you enjoy our show, let us know either way! You can email us at and tell us your thoughts! 

New Episodes Weekly
Sunday’s or whenever we remember! 


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Meet The Hosts

Grant Posner

Grant Posner


Experienced Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping professional with a demonstrated history of working with clients and businesses to obtain accurate, fast, and affordable solutions. Strong in business development and product development carrying a Master’s Degree from Saint Leo University. Owner of 3D Musketeers. Engineer by practice, business professional by schooling.

Tad Bozdech

Tad Bozdech


Mechanical engineer and designer driven by a passion for creating the brightest future possible. I have a commitment to quality and enduring effort. I’ve spent the last year and a half doing freelance work for a variety of clients. I have experience in the full iteration loop of product design, from initial concept all the way to manufacturing. I’m proficient in a variety of CAD modeling systems and hands-on manufacturing processes. Of particular interest to me is additive manufacturing.

Tomas Muelling

Tomas Muelling


Hi! My name is Tomas and I am deeply curious and driven by a hunger for continuous learning. I illustrate, design systems, animate, create products, and produce interactive experiences. There is so much more that I aspire to dive into. My imagination and the experiences around me allow me to marry brand strategy with unlimited bounds of creative possibilities.

I take no greater pleasure than ideating and helping a client produce a vision. From designing hats and producing freelance logos, to implementing graphics and animation for Lockheed Martin and Montana State University; I love discovering new ways to share a client’s story through design.

My main goal is to one day become an art director, and until then you will find me tenaciously growing my experience and learning as much as I can from the great designers who came before me.

Making Awesome