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Whether its Consulting about your invention, R&D, CAD Design, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, CNC Milling or Laser Cutting we want to help you make exactly what you want and need.


Whether its 3D Printing, laser cutting or cnc milling we are here to help make your designs a reality. We have a variety of methods and materials to help you make awesome. Want to hear more about how we can help you make? Hit the contact button below and ask us directly.

Research, Development, Rapid Prototyping

Want us to help improve your product in the early stages? Maybe you need us to do some user testing or just make sure it works at all. At 3DM we will provide the research, industry experience and work to make your product a reality. We are no strangers to 3D modeling programs and are ready to help you either make your product from scratch or make your existing models into printable prototypes!


Let the experts at 3D Musketeers help you navigate the common pitfalls in the product development industry. Remember, our goal is your success, we want to help YOU Make Awesome.

Check out what our customers say about us

“Had a consultation with Grant at 3D Musketeers on starting a new business venture. Grant provided some great advice on business model validation, design for manufacturability, shipping logistics and 3D printing.

Definitely worth your time connecting with the folks at 3D Musketeers to chat about moving your business to the next phase of growth.”

Dallas West

“3D Musketeers is truly a life saver. I was stuck on a project and really needed major help and direction.

I called several phone numbers on the web with no luck. Just before I decided to pack it in and call it quits, I decided to call 3D Musketeers.

I’m so glad I did. I spoke to Grant who not only took the time to explain and simplify the issues with my project.

It gets even better… after taking Grant’s advice. A few weeks went by and my project was ready to be looked at again. I called and spoke to Grant, who help solidify my project to perfection. 3D Musketeers are really top notch operation.”

Rich Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this whole process cost?

Well… It depends, and before you scoff and go find someone else, consider the variables: Personnel Time, Materials, Print Time, Finishing, etc. 3D Printing alone can be as low as $10 though and Product Development starts at $1500 for a full solution in conjunction with The Making Awesome Academy. Want to get a general idea? Book a 15-minute FREE CONSULTATION HERE and learn more. We are friendly, and quoting does not cost you a dime!

How long does this whole process take?

You like asking the tough ones, huh? Same as above, it depends. Project complexity is one of the largest factors that contribute to delays in agile manufacturing. Wondering what those complexities look like? Check out our video on Feature Creep!

What actually is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the common name for a process called Additive Manufacturing. The antithesis to CNC Milling, 3D printing involves little waste. Standard 3D Printers are akin to computer-controlled hot glue guns. To learn more, check out our Making Awesome Episode on the topic!

Why you guys?

I mean, you got this far, take the plunge, no? We have over 20 years of combined industry experience to take your ideas from Art to Part. Have a question, feel free to schedule a FREE 15-minute meeting!

What services do you offer?

We offer full Art-to-Part product development surrounding 3D printing, 3D Scanning, CNC Milling, and Laser Cutting. We even offer branding, websites, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and even classes to help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

What do I need to Make Awesome?

Well, technically, just an idea. However, the more information you can give us, the better. Generally speaking, the more information you can provide, the less work that we need to bill for!

Can I provide my own file?

Sure! If you have a 3D Model you want us to bring to life, just email it to us or fill out the contact form HERE.

Do you have actual engineers working on my parts?

Yes! We have multiple engineers on staff working to help YOU Make Awesome!

What are the limitations of what you can do?

In terms of 3D Printing, the standard type, FDM/FFF is a computer-controlled hot glue gun, so you are limited by gravity as you need to support overhangs as well as dealing with the resolution. As far as what 3D Musketeers is limited by, that would be your budget, time frame, and imagination.

Can a 3D printed product be sold to an end customer?

SURE! It is a great way to test your product before you put down the money for an injection mold.

What are the differences between 3D printing and Injection Molding?

Glad you asked, we answered this WAY back in an episode of Making Awesome. If you have any questions we don’t answer in the podcast, feel free to drop us a line!

Do I need a patent?

NO! You need sales! Unless you have a ton of money to spend on a patent, time (upwards of 2 years) as well as the patience to get a patent, get your provisional and worry about your full one once you have a product made.

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