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High quality 3D Scanning with accuracy of 0.100mm (0.004 inches) or better! Using the power of the Artec Eva and Artec Ray, our experts can digitize anything from a full-size building to even the most minor of parts!

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Why 3D Scanning?

Doing things by hand is not always the right move, be it excessive texture, size, or complexity. This is where 3D Scanning comes in. With high-end 3D Scanners like the Artec Ray and Artec Eva there are few, if any restrictions. Capture incredible detail to recreate just about anything. From incredible detail on buildings and architecture to crash reconstruction, our scanners cover a wide market. 

No longer do you need to rely on 2d images to tell a story. Our experts at 3D Musketeers can take just about anything, 3d scan it, and print it so you can hold a model in your hands to better help you get your point across! In court, in meetings, in proposals, come prepared with every option you can to stack the cards in your favor. 3D Scanning enables this. 

Artec Leo 3D scanner 0.2mm accuracy 3D Musketeers 3D Scanning

Up Close and Personal

With accuracy of 0.2mm our Artec Leo is capable of fully portable, no PC required, High Resolution 3D Scans. Being handheld it is capable of getting into tight spaces to capture fine detail in whatever you may need scanned. From custom made dress forms to artistic preservation to even auto accident reconstruction, the Artec Leo is a very capable, portable 3D Scanner to fit your needs! 3D Scans can easily be cleaned up for either rendering or 3D Printing purposes all depending on your needs.

Artec Ray Long Range Laser 3D Scanner

Reach out over 300FT!

The Artec Ray is capable of scanning over 100m or 300ft using high end laser three dimensional scanning and the LiDAR process to capture incredibly fine detail at distances as short as 3 feet and as far as over 300ft in any direction. Our Artec Ray is capable of showing the entire accident site, large buildings, and more down to the smallest detail. Multiple scans can be compiled to make for more complete data that can then be 3D Printed to assist in telling your story.

Artec Spider 3D Scanner 0.05mm precision hand held 3D Scanning Solution

Extreme Precision

With accuracy of 0.05mm our Artec Spider is capable of extreme precision. 50 microns, smaller than a human hair, means your scans have more detail, capturing as much surface finish as possible. Structured light and laser combination means no marker dots for a full touch free experience. The Artec Spider is perfect for small objects needing extreme presicion!

Artec Eva high detail 3d scanner

Affordable and Portable

With its unparalleled portability, the Artec Eva makes it effortless to capture precise and detailed scans anywhere, anytime, transforming the way you work with 3D data. Designed for ease of use without sacrificing accuracy, this scanner is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications, from product design to heritage preservation. Elevate your 3D scanning experience with the Artec Eva, where cutting-edge technology meets cost-effectiveness and convenience.

From medical, to legal, to architectural, to even reverse engineering, the possibilities and capabilities of 3D Scanning are limitless. The 3D scanners that are used at 3D Musketeers cover a wide gamut of use case scenarios be it high detail or high range. Perspective is everything, we could scan all of the Raymond James Stadium (Home of the Tampa Bay Bucs!) in a single pass with the Artec Ray and pick up extreme detail on the ship with the Leo. With detail down to 0.04in (0.1mm) and distances over 300ft, few projects are outside our capabilities.

Our key 3D Scanning industries include: 
Forensic Engineering
Structural Engineering
Crash Reconstruction
Architectural Preservation
Personal Injury
And More!

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Why 3DM Works?


Our team of experts have decades of experience working with people just like you with projects as unique as yours. Quit dealing with robots and work with a REAL, actual human to get your three dimensional scans completed in a timely manner. We offer round the clock care and service to help make your emergencies a bit less stressful.


We have the machines that keep YOUR projects MOVING. Expand your ideas and business with our collection of over 30 3D Printers designed for maximum efficiency. We offer parts when you need them with no part minimums, to help save you inventory costs. Turn around times as low as a couple of days! Get parts when you need them, fast. 


We are a diverse group of people, spread across multiple studies and professions all coming together to help YOU Make Awesome. From Mechanical Engineers to Anatomical designers and yes, even a patent attorney or 4, we are able to solve your painful problems with purpose-built, tailor-made Additive Manufacturing solutions to reduce your risk and increase your chances of success. 


You call, we answer. No more automated calling trees, no more shop lackeys that cannot answer your questions. Call the experts at 3D Musketeers to get a custom, purpose built solution to your issues. Want more than just a phone call? You can schedule a short, free, consultation here: Free Consultation

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As a trial attorney, it can be difficult to illustrate injuries to a jury, especially when they are inside the body, such as injuries to the spine. 3D Musketeers are our go to when it comes to getting models made that we can actually use to articulate our point and get our clients the maximum compensation. I highly recommend them based not only on their products but on their professionalism and quality customer service!

Attorney Kevin Sullivan

Pipas Law Group

Our Heroes!
We are excited to partner with 3D Musketeers now and in the future! Grant and his team accepted our short notice challenge to produce a quantity of product to our exact specifications. The result was incredible! The 3D Musketeers team is professional, dependable, fun, excited about their craft, and extremely knowledgeable. They are engaging, friendly, communicative, and will make you feel like you are their most important client. We are fortunate to have found 3D Musketeers and look forward to working with them again.

Tony Lattanze

Wind Talker Innovations

Grant did an awesome job 3D printing my product! He was very responsive and great to work with. Would highly recommend him to anyone for their product development needs.

Thank you so much!

Matt Schaffer

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