3D printing is a revolutionary technology. It has changed how millions of people conduct business. 3D printed models, for example, guide business decisions and enhance each customer’s experience.

3D printing provides practical uses for businesses. You can either get a 3D printer yourself or consider a 3D printing service. We will explore some of the ways 3D printing helps small businesses.

Rapid Prototyping 

Assembling prototypes requires considerable resources and raw materials, and you can end up with excess resources that get wasted if you don’t know what you’re doing. Rapid prototyping solves this problem.

This style of 3D printing helps produce affordable prototypes quickly. You no longer need to set up a complex workstation to create a prototype. 

Home builders can 3D print a house model for potential buyers. This prototype lets customers see the design before the company starts building, and they can share issues within the prototype before the house gets built.

Ford uses rapid prototyping to test parts for their vehicles. Rapid prototyping reduces the company’s costs for producing multiple prototypes until finding the right one.

Making changes to a design can be expensive. Businesses sometimes need to make quick changes to their test products, and 3D printing helps solve that problem.

Being able to make changes fast and have a tangible product allows them to adjust and improve their product quicker.

3D printing delivers better prototypes at a faster pace. What business wouldn’t want better and faster implementation?

3D Printing Enables Customization

Customers want customization in their purchases and experiences. 3D printing allows businesses to fulfill custom requests from customers.

Eyeglass companies can create custom frames for their customers. Before 3D printing, customers had to settle for a good enough choice.

Customization via 3D printing lets these companies create snug eyeglass frames. They can even personalize the design of the eyeglasses to make them look unique.

3D Printing Yields Complex Designs

Because 3D printing takes a layer-by-layer approach, businesses can produce complex designs. Additive manufacturing provides greater flexibility for manufacturers. 

Before additive manufacturing, manufacturers took a slab and chiseled it into form. This archaic process wasted a considerable amount of both resources and time. 

Additive manufacturing adds to an existing object. Traditional manufacturing is the opposite, taking away from existing objects.

Aerospace companies use 3D printing to create some of the plane parts. 3D printing’s ability to support complex designs influenced its usage in the industry.

Expand Product Inventory

Not only can 3D printing help with prototypes, but you can also 3D print products. Some jewelry companies use 3D printing to assist with creating jewelry.

3D printing enables what was previously impossible for jewelry designs. 3D printing enables jewelers to increase their product offerings too.

Ready to Get Started with 3D Printing?

Some of the largest companies in the world use 3D printing to save time and money. This revolutionary technology can help your business.

If you want to learn how 3D printing can help your business, contact us today. We’re happy to share how we can help your business grow with 3D Pprinting.